Struggling with money?

You’re not alone.

This Unique, Exciting Bible-Based Course Can Help You:

  • Deepen Your Relationship With God

  • Understand The Power & Perils of Money

  • Greatly Improve Your Financial IQ

  • Understand Simple Investing Options

  • Set Up a Balanced, Diversified Investment Account

  • Develop a Wise, Consistent Investing Strategy

  • Grow Your Money For Future Needs & Retirement

  • Increase Your Giving To Help Others, Too!

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Acts 20:35

Money is something we all deal with almost every day.

We can't avoid it. What we do with our money, and what it does to us, is a major part of the battle between good and evil.

Financial problems are super stressful, especially when you don’t have enough money

or you fear there won't be enough of it in the future.

Studies show financial stress can take a terrible toll on your mind and body.

Financial problems may feel insurmountable, but help is available.

It's Biblical. It's Balanced.

It's Practical.

One Reasonable Cost

No Gimmicks

No Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Here's What You're Getting

This Totally Unique, Online Bible-Based Money Course Will Teach You How To

Become more responsible with money

Eliminate debt

Understand long-term value investing

Implement wise investing strategies

Earn extra income

And much more! You'll be blessed!

Enjoy The Course

In Just 3 Easy Steps

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Step 3

Learn And Grow

Steve Wohlberg


Pastor Steve Wohlberg is the Speaker/Director of White Horse Media. He is the author of 40+ books, has been a guest on over 500 radio and television shows, and has spoken by special invitation inside the Pentagon and U.S. Senate. He is a deep student of the Bible and personal finance, and has a gift for making complexing issues simple. He currently lives in North Idaho with his wife Kristin and their daughter Abigail Rose. Their son Seth is a freshman at Walla Walla University. Pastor Steve is very thankful that, with God's help, his family is now debt free.


Money is part of The Great Controversy. “The love of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10. Yet in the hands of unselfish people, money can be wisely used to help and bless millions.


The Bible speaks of "things present" and "things to come." Romans 8:38. While our top priority should be preparing for heaven, it is also wise to plan ahead for our future in this life ... such as our retirement days, in case those days come.


Many become interested in responsibly investing for their future earthly days, but they have no idea where to start, what options to choose, or how to avoid foolish risks. Discover exactly what to do!


If the Lord blesses us with income, we should never say, “My power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth.” Instead, "you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth.” Duet. 8:17,18.

If you join Grow Your Money With God

a portion of the income we receive will be sent to ministries that help those in need, such as Impact Hope, People of Peru Project, and United Prison Ministries.

Impact Hope

Bring hope and education to refugee youth in Rwanda.

People of Peru Project

Provide aid to the region of Peru located at the headwater of the Amazon River.

United Prison Ministries

"Remember those in prisons as if you were their fellow prisoner." Heb. 13:3

Gain insights and learn practical strategies to help you Grow Your Money With God

Discover many simple, practical, powerful principles that can greatly benefit your life; first, from the pages of the Holy Bible, and second, from some of the world’s best-known financial experts and investors.


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You May Ask

Why did you write Grow Your Money With God?

Here’s my story. It all started when I realized that my property in North Idaho would soon be completely paid off, and that, with no mortgage, I would soon have some extra funds. About this time, I also started thinking about how my employer, White Horse Media, offered no retirement plan. As the head of a family of four (which includes my wife and two teenagers), I then began to sense more deeply my personal responsibility to become more financially prepared for my future earthly days. This combination of circumstances eventually led me to begin a deep, prayerful investigation into money management and wise investing.

As my journey continued, I decided to join an expensive online financial/investing course.

The more I learned, the more I wished I had discovered this information many years ago! If I had, and if I had consistently and wisely invested small amounts of money in my twenties, thirties, or forties, I would now have much more to draw on for my present and future needs. Everyone needs to know these things, I thought to myself, for we all have bills to pay. All of the factors finally motivated me to create Grow Your Money With God. I also have no doubt that God has been leading me, step by step.

You’re a minister. Why should I trust what you have to say about money, personal finance, and investing?

Great question! Here’s my answer. In my financial research, I adopted this biblical motto: “He who walks with the wise grows wise.” Proverbs 13:20. Based on this inspired counsel, I decided to learn from the wisest money experts and investors ever. So I studied the sayings and writings of Dave Ramsey, Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, John Bogle, and others–who are widely recognized in this field–until I finally grasped their time-tested investing strategies.

So, why should you trust what I have to say? The reason is because you won’t be learning from me only, but from the best of the best. In Grow Your Money With God, I have combined the deep truths of Scripture with the insights of some of the wisest investing experts ever. Honestly, I don’t think you will find a financial and investing course anywhere that merges Buffett, Bogle, and the Bible. Plus, I make their strategies simple so you can grasp them, implement them, and profit from them.

Time is short, Jesus Christ will return soon, should God’s people invest at all?

I also believe that Jesus will return soon, as He said, “Behold, I come quickly!” Revelation 22:7. But Jesus also said, “Occupy til I come.” Luke 19:13. The word, “Occupy,” literally means, “Do business.” As long as we remain in this sinful world, we must deal with money, and we should do so responsibly.

In the last few years, I have also been deeply impressed by the fact that many who have made large donations to White Horse Media are serious investors who have wisely grown their money. One woman gave $5,000 from her “dividends.” Another gave $50,000 from his investment account. Still another notified us that White Horse Media has been added to their will to receive ⅙ of the income from an investment account now worth over 2 million dollars.

Of course, we must all decide what is right for us, but Grow Your Money With God will thoroughly educate you on this important topic, give you sensible options, and teach you exactly what to do if you choose to take that step.

As for me, I have chosen to invest, and I am very happy with the balanced, diversified portfolio I have chosen.

What is the main benefit of taking your course?

It will bring you closer to God, give you a fabulous financial education, and teach you exactly how to Grow Your Money With God. It will give you more confidence and peace, not only about your eternal future, but about your future on this earth, too. Not only that, but adults who join Grow Your Money With God will then know exactly how to help their kids and others set up their own investment accounts to slowly and sensibly Grow Their Money With God for their own futures, and to help others, too. How can you place a value on that?

Any final thoughts?

This entire project has been created with much prayer, a deep desire to please God, and, I believe, through the direct leading of the Holy Spirit (see Romans 8:14). There is absolutely nothing shady or dishonest about it. As you can see at the bottom of, a portion of the income received will also help people in Rwanda, Peru, and in prison.

This is a God-project from start to finish.

We hope it will be a big blessing to you!

For more Q&As, visit our FAQ page to help you find the information you need.

Bonus Opportunity

“Even if you aren’t quite ready to join Grow Your Money With God, if you simply share one link to this website with your friends on social media, if anyone joins after clicking your link, you will receive 50% of the income to bless your life and others, too!”

Pr. Steve Wohlberg


Note: this is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) project. You will receive a simple commission (like any bookstore receives for selling a book) just for helping us spread the word.

Grow Your Money With God

A Biblical, Balanced, Practical,

Stewardship & Investing Course

For Apocalyptic Times


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