It's Your Money! Isn't It? 12-Part Series

12-Part Series

G. Edward Reid is the former stewardship director of NAD. He is an ordained minister and licensed attorney, and is certified as a teacher and counselor by Crown Financial Ministries and by the Christian Stewardship Association.

Saving The Crumbs

A Bible-based website filled with wise tips about being faithful to God, practicing economy, eliminating debt, investment research, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.

End-Time Finance by Alistair Huong

6-Part Series

How ought we relate to wealth considering the nearness of the Second Coming? When should we sell everything? What about the economic collapse? How should we prepare? This seminar will share practical principles for personal finance in light of end-time prophecies.

Trading the Talents by Alistair Huong

2-Part Series

Biblical Principles on Investing

Evaluating Investment Options

Grow Your Money With God

A Biblical, Balanced, Practical,

Stewardship & Investing Course

For Apocalyptic Times


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