• Grow Your Money With God is an educational project led by Pastor Steve Wohlberg (Speaker/Director of White Horse Media) and Jeremy Hase (Founder of Empowerment Companies consisting of Christian Digital Network, Digital Wave and Empowerment Consulting). We seek to provide biblically accurate, sensible, practical information to help God's people improve their financial situations (both present and future) and to motivate them to increase their unselfish giving to the Lord's work.

  • Because so many have succumbed to Satan's strong temptations to live just for today (see Matthew 4:8-10), are drowning in debt (see Romans 13:8), are unjustly withholding from God their tithes and offerings (see Malachi 3:8-10), and don't have a plan to wisely prepare for their earthly future days (see Proverbs 6:6-11), we believe such education is greatly needed.

  • This website (which offers much free information), and the Grow Your Money With God financial course (which we offer for a reasonable price), is for educational purposes only. Our goal is to honor God in all things (1 Samuel 2:13) and to bless His people.

Grow Your Money With God

A Biblical, Balanced, Practical,

Stewardship & Investing Course

For Apocalyptic Times


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