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Even if you aren’t quite ready to join Grow Your Money With God, if you simply share one link to this website with your friends on social media, if anyone joins after clicking your link, you will receive 50% of the income to bless your life and others, too!

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Note: This is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) project. You will receive a simple commission (like any bookstore receives for selling a book) just for helping us spread the word.

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Please explain a bit more about your Bonus Opportunity that makes it possible for me to earn some extra income.

We realize that some may not be ready to join Grow Your Money With God right away, but they have bills to pay and could use some extra income. Who doesn't, right? So we structured this project in a way that allows anyone, whether they are a member or not, to get set up with their own unique link. If they share this link with their friends and family, and if someone clicks on that link and joins Grow Your Money With God, we will split the income 50/50. We believe this is a very generous offer.

We did this for 2 reasons:

1) It helps us spread the word about the course and reach more people,

2) it allows anyone (including us) to make some extra money to help pay some bills.

We see this as win-win. Our entire plan is straightforward and honest.

Is there a limit to what I can earn?

No. Each time one of your contacts joins our course, you will receive 50% of the income generated.

Are there costs involved with being an affiliate?

No. Signing up to receive your link is free, and there is no cost for you to share your link on social media. Of course you are free to purchase ads to promote our course (using your link), but that is up to you.

How long does it take to get started?

Only a few minutes. Once you sign up, you should be approved immediately.

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If you are an existing user, please just sign in using the password you're already using.

Note that your first name will be a crucial part of your affiliate link, which may look like this:


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Under 'Campaigns', you'll see the 'Grow Your Money With God' affiliate link displayed. This is the link you'll share with others. By having people click on it to purchase the course, you will earn a commission.

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